Coach Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant Photos

I feel Phil Jackson is coming out from my body...

Kobe : Hey coach! which basket should I shoot, this way or the other way?
Phil : you idiot... just shoot wherever side they passed you the ball

Hey Coach, help me to escape from this people...

I'm a bit shy to kiss you with this crowd......

Phil : why can't you make what I just told you? I just need 4 3pts in 2mins...
Kobe : Coach, I'm not MJ

Gay marriage? this is not what you're thinking do you?

You need to learn my defensive technique.. the blocking palm buddha!

Hey Kobe.. you're getting old and your tainting my good record..
I have to leave this miserable team soon

Phil : No you can't go to toilet yet...
Kobe : but coach I need to poo.. its coming soon

Kobe : Ooohhh Coach.. 
I like they way you show those grabbing hands..

Referee : Nooo... they didn't do anything.. there's no foul
They're my friends.. so they don't have violation

Phil : listen guys.. this is what I thought to MJ..
Kobe : MJ ? who's MJ anyway? have they heard the blackmamba?

Hey Coach... I'm here... why you keep on ignoring me!!

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