Coach Phil Jackson Funny Photos

No I'm not Borat....

Yes I'd balanced Kobe's balls and they're not the same

I got 10rings for coaching, well 10 rings makes me feel I'm smart

its the moustache ...

yeah I have a plastic surgery mole here

Guys... this is what Ball look like... use this to score...

my true secret is, I can control the Ball and tells to shoot..
MJ and Kobe couldn't do it without this

How could I get the foul??? I'm the coach

No Kobe... grab the Ball not the other ball

Phil : Hey what can you see to that guy Kobe? Do you think I can give him the force?
MJ : hmmmmm... he's not MJ for sure but I see his potential

I'm here to play basketball.. I'll be your playing mate and Coach

So Kobe you're asking about the size.. its looks like this .....

Damn.. I'm trying to draw a rainbow but its gone

ohhhh.... that's an ugly foul .. but I like it

Phil : I'll be moving to Lakers and teach that kid my new trick...
MJ: Hey coach can you hear me???

Can't get you? don't tell me there's a condor over  my shoulder?

Yes these are my Bitches...

I'm pointing at you because you'll be next ...

No he farted it... I just came just now

Damn it, the toilet is over there

Hey Pao, don't play your thing when we're having our game plan here

I love picking my ears.. it tickles me

Yes I'm going to retire....

Hey Ref.. how about a free car for this game?

Artest : yuhoooo... I see you guys are having fun there...
Kobe : get out you bitch.. this is our time
Phil : hey Artest.. how do you like the  three of us here?

These are my bodyguards.. which one do you like?
the big Gorilla or Pyscho Homo

Three Blind Men

These crossword puzzle is too awefull...

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