Amare Stoudemire Funny Photos

what? did I miss something? what happened while I was in the toilet?

ohhh I don't like that sounds.. it's making  me dance wild

hello there.. I sell vacuum for a cheap price, anyone is interested?

yes this Agent Amare speaking.. the area is clean and the guy in red suit is confirmed

hey this mine.. you three monkeys stole this ball from me..

cyborg Amare operating.. x-ray vision on.. ready for inhalation 

wow... what a huge biceps you have here.. its so hard.. grrrrrrrgggghhhhhh...

 I don't have anything .. I'm so poor , I don't have clothes.. 
and  the only thing left from me is this
chain bling bling cost 10million

I'm the Genie in the lamp.. bwahhahaah!

no its not TRUE that I'll be moving to New York.. I love the Suns...
ohhh this cap? I have this for FREE in Madison Garden

ohh joe... it tickles.. okey okey.. I'll give you the ball, stop harassing me

hahahaha!!! those two Kings looks retards... bwahahaha!

yes... this is what they told me about the deal..
Madison Square Garden is all mine....

Ok just celebrate all you suckers.. I'll lock the gate and no one can come out

what's my talent? I can hold my breathe in 5mins while farting continuously..
wanna see it? 

I'll gonna sneeze...wwhaccchoooooo!!!!!... 

NBA Live...? this is fake.. the real Amare can dunk from freethrow line 
with 5 players over it

bump it harder girl.. bump it...

I see an UFO Ship outside .. this size ... yo I don't lie

WAaaZzzzzaaaaaaa!!! yeeeehhhhh I'm still here yo..!

Sheriff Amare at your service... I'm the fastest gun in the west... 

Must kill the coach.. must kill the coach...
(I knew it...someone's controlling Amare.. he's a cyborg..)

That Gorilla makes me hungry.. I want to grill him

Amare : ooohhh I know where's tickling point.. its here in the arm-pit.. 
Garnett : Stop it... hhheerrrrr...

Amare: Stop it Fisher.. don't touch it.. I want to see the ball bounce.. 
its funny..
Fisher : what a retard... of course it will bounce

hi guys.. seems I don't have money.. can I just pay you with two
girls in my collections

hey I know this guy? you are the drag queen earlier

sorry Bro.. this belongs to my company and they are my property...

My finisher move in WWE.. knee head crusher shit

I have a Eddie Murphy jokes.. its goes like this... 

my reach is higher than all you guys.. beat that... 

Man its so frustrating to get famous... hope this will give me a shot

where did everybody go? do I smell stinks? 

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