Steve Nash Funny Photos 2

I have to try another career while this lock out is on going..

Dirk.. I wanna have a ring.. please take me to Mavs..
I also want to be with you... huhuhu!

don't do it Dirk, I'm Steve have you forgotten me?
were friends remember?

Man this pose will break my hand...

Kobe : hey I know the color of your underwear.. 
Steve: ohhhh.. how did you get the interest to find it?

huhhhh... help!.. The Alien ball is taking me.. !

ohhh even I'm using one eye I can have 20pts and 9 assists .. 
imagine if I have the other one

I have two of this but no ring.... you're not the only one Lebron

I'm thinking to build my house in the middle of this field. 
you know so I can always watch the game anytime I want

oucchhhhhh!!!  you stub me with your thing..

stop it Nash, I don't want to hurt you.. can you hold back yourself

take this Manu.. . taste my fart in mid-air

Kobe : get out you bitch.. Nash is mine.. I'm taking him already, see..

ohhhh you're chest is hard... 
my head feeling real dizzy  

what a boring day for All Star.. 
I'm gonna win anyway against these dupes

I'm not a water boy,
Its me Nash.. don't you recognize  me?

Hill : ohh Nash... I think you're having fun there

are you sure you want me to write 'Kobe Sucks!' here? 

take this pee maneuver in mid-air

Wazaaaaa!!!! I see Ghost!!

wahwahwah!!! I want my milk... please don't take my milk!

this something coming out in my nose... I think I gonna have a common cold

Vince : hey Nash.. we're buddy right, pass me the ball huh?
Dragic : pass me the ball too , were best friends

the ball is speaking with me.. its telling me something

Nash Charge!!!!!! I'm on a berserk mode now

Puuussssssssyyyy!!! yes you a pussy.. 
come and get me pussy!

soccer and basketball that's how do this thing

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