Derek Fisher Funny Photos

my shoe is a ripped off of Ronald Mcdonald shoe

Hey Derek didn't know you're too light.. I can't carry you with light hands

By the power of the Gay society bestowed over me.. 
I hereby announce that you are now official member of 
the sisterhood... ohh yeahh sistah let it out!

This is the hand signs of our sistah hood.. don't yah forget that

come on Derek don't let me down.. just one kiss..
come on homi don't shy now

Derek want some more.. please give some more to Derek..

I have a secret.. I think Lebrons like me too.. 

Kobe : see I told you I can carry you in one hand...
Derek :  Damn it.. you're holding my.... 

I will not stand up from here until they take out the lock out

Why did you tell it to me just now..
 I were looking for you all my life.. DAD..

can you ask me an easier question other than Math and lock out?

don't scratch my  head, that's my precious asset.. wahhhhh!!!

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