Kobe Bryant and the Boys

did I tell  you that you have the most amazing eyes <3 ...

Amare: so I told you its 15inches right?
Kobe : not really, I have to see it again to convince me..

your zipper is open... can I close it for you?

Melo : ohh shiiiitttt... please  Kobe,hands off your 
hand to my ass ...I feel'n goosebumps.. 
Kobe : No I don't ... its not me, promise...

kobe: so you don't want to come to Lakers with me?
you've gonna miss our fun our there... we have a lot of big boys..

Kobe : ohh ... where you going baby..? you think you can escape from me huh..
I'll grab this 'thing'.,... if you don't stop...

Pierce : hey Kobe.. I know what you're aiming for..
Kobe: ohhh No you don't...

Kobe : hey budy.. are you alright..? you look unpleasant..
Garnett : stop touching my behind you homo...

Garnett: keep out your mouth with my boyfriend here..
Kobe : shut up Garneyyy you're not part of this
Pierce : hey bitch... that's my boy you speaking to

Kobe : Ohhh my gosh!!!!... its Chris Paul... I can't believe its him

Derrick : ahhhmmm.. can we get off now?
Kobe : no bro just keep it tight.. just give me more minute

hey wade.. so how's your 2 new toys doing?

Kobe : you said there's a gay in Lakers? I wonder who's that bastard?

ouuhhhhh,,,, that thing looks cute.. can I touch it?

ohhh I really like rubbing my thing to your leg

 Kobe : no don't drop me yet.. I'm still  having fun
Shaq: (can I just kill this guy?)

ohhh shiitttt.. Kobe is trying to hug us.. lets get out of here!

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