NBA Crying Drama Moments

whyy.... whyyy.. why I can't still win a ring having the 3 of us..

Dirk: LOOSSSEERRR!!!! you will never get your RING!!
Lebron : Stop it... stop it.. huhuhuhu

take off that camera.. don't look at me.. huhuhuhu.. 
leave me alone.. please... huhuhu!

whyyyy... you ruined my dream.. because of you 
those guys will tease me because I'm a LOSER!!! huhuhu!

not again... huhuhu... I have the best stats..
 but why I can't win

I don't need 10 rings... just give me one..
one please is enough.. I'm begging you.. 

This made me cry... huhuhu!

Dirk... listen to me.. please let me win this.. I want the ring badly..

Hey pal.. I'm really sorry... forgive me please.. 
I screwed the game because of my triple-doubles..

Nobody wants me... even as a mascot

wahhhh....!!!!  I don't want to leave sixers.. please let me play more!!!

please help me.. I'm dying here.. take me to Knicks

don't look at me.. I shame of my self.. huhuhu!!

huhuhu... I can't find my bubu inside my short.. 
it was here earlier..

please bro.. allow me to go to the toilet..
I'm begging you... I'll die if I don't pee now

huhuhu!!! I knew it..
I knew it that you are my blind date... huhuhu

why Pau...? why you have to go to Spain and leave me crying?

 No one's love me anymore.. they always say its Kobe's fault..
its always me.. me and me.. Nobody's love meeeeeiii...!!!

There's no cute boys here.. it making me sad.. too sad..

oucchh.. my wisdom tooth is aching..  huhuhu

Pipen.. huhuhu ... what happened to you? why you turned into a trophy..
you should turned into pizza, atleast I can eat you.. huhuhu

I told him not to block me.. huhuhu

why they benched me?? I don't get it.. huhuhu

I'm going back to China and feed my Panda, 
they dumped me because I can't play no more...

I don't want to play with Lebron.. 
huhu.. don't let me play with him... please... huhuhu

Kobeeeee... I hate you.. you stole my underwear.. huhu

Please let me play more... I can do what Lebron's did...

The most dramatic of them all....

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