NBA Players in EuroBasket : Argentina

Louis Scola

Somebody please help me to get down from here????
I'm hell scare of heights....

wow... you guys look enjoying that.. let me join the fun

Broom...Broooommmm.. errrrrr... The  Dump Truck is coming!!!

eeiiii so what? so what if I don't wear any underwear today ?

haha!! eat my dust from sucker

ohh you want a kick in the ass too? who else want it

sorry Man.. I won't do it again.. will not get separated ever again..

hogaa.. hogaaa!!!! beat that move .. hoggaa!!!

Andres Nocioni

Hey man I don't have the ball here.. you can let go off me
Nocioni : who cares about the ball.. I like here better ...

yehhhh I'm having fun..
can you both take me home like this..

cool... I like this angle.. just pose one more time with dramatic emotion

hey Pal.. I would like to meet you Andres, he likes you so much...

am I dead... is this hell?  why  see monsters at front of me..
ohhh sorry I didn't see you clearly..

where is that guy who ruined my hair? 
I'll gonna kill him, show him to me

welcome buddy... you're now belong to our Sister Hood

errhggggg... what the heck you're squeezing.. its not the ball

gwaarrrhhh!!!! this is my Ball... its only mine.. mine

meet his cartoon version..

Manu Ginobili

ahhihihihi... hey man stop touching me there.. it tickles me

come on man.. don't do this to me.. don't reject me like that..
you know I love you and your hurting me..

Hey Kid... is your mother in there? can I come in?
I have candies here....

you fell into our Sandwich Trap Maneuver

Scola...I'm too shy to dance... can you lead the steps for me?

Man : I'm sorry to tell you, I'm your real Father..
Manu :  Damn you.. why did you tell it just now

ahhhhh.. I love it.. undress me more.. show me more of your intimate lust

Manu : Hey pal.. will you be mad if I had slept with your GF ?

I did it.. I stole and eat your cat's food...

hahahar!!!... dam you're so funny..
can you take off that mask..?

even we are friends.. I can still rip your heart and kill you

see you next time for more action in Manu and The Bunny Friends

arrggghhhh... I'm having a bad stomach..
I knew it that I can never trust Scola cooks food

Carlos Delfino

Hey Girls.. who's on the top now ... its so fun up here .. I feel more gay

waaahhhhhh!!!!!.... where is my Lunch Box.. who stole my food...

this is a great breakthrough.. I invented a ball that will make
the greatest Player in the world.. with this I won't miss any shots...

huh? the ball is speaking with me...

arrghhhhh... I have accidentally ate my boger..
its tastes weird.. let me try another if it taste the same you will never catch me... nyeiinyii..

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