NBA Players in FIBA : China

Everybody loves Kung Fu Fighting... and of course BasketBall

Wang ZhiZhi

Ohh my pet Girafe you're safe from those hunter

we are all in Yao's one Arm... Literally...

how come you came taller than me... that's impossible

ohhh shit... don't touch my hair you stupid bozuuu... I'll kick your ass

I'm starting to get weak... you have hit my vital point

Yao Ming

ohhh my... finally I found you I thought I won't 
gonna see you again ... puppy

hey guys... keep this in my mind that a Ball look like this.. OK?

cool... your iPhone is lighting in the dark... is there a made in China like this?

ohhh.. I smell something.. someone farted here closeby 

huhuhu... I can't untie my shoe lace

is this wacky face enough??

when I was a kid I used to play with my friends with the pole..
I'm the pole

I didn't bump you... its the other thing in front 

finally I can watch my favorite Panda Show
 without people recognizing me

I'm doing a Tai Chi... 

this supposed to be a jump shot.. the ring is too short for me

Yi JianLian

what??? there's a giant at my back?

hello there beauty fans.. today I'll teach how to make your lips glossy 
and eye care technique

so how long is it again? let me measure it again.. 
I mean your short..

there's a hand grabbing my neck... its choking me

Yi : waccchhaaaaa!!!!... so who's your boss now?
Guy : its you.. I give up.. mercy please

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