LA Lakers Vs Oklahoma Thunder 2012 Playoffs

come on guys.. can you also carry me here! 
I want that same spot with Durant 

I found Kobe weakness... 
Hey Kobe check this out!!

ohhh... who's winning the peeing contest?
where's Kobe? he's our judge..

nice pass pal.. lets limit the passing between you and me...

what? I'm not hurting him anymore.. 
I'm trying to caress and making love like friends...

damn... I know that you can pass somehow...

thanks Mr.Jack Nicholson for teaching my boys some
acting ... its working so well

huhu... I'm aging and losing... time is going so fast.. 
soon I'll be retiring like MJ and will buy a garbage team

huhu... Blake took the last shot... I felt brokenhearted..
somebody hold me... huhu

so you want to be like me and learn the Kobe System?
see me in my place... I'll give you 1-on-1..

oh yeah.. I'm a ninja.. rubbing my elbow

yuck! did you touch this ball? 
you touched your beard and hand this ball.. disgusting

arggghhh!!! why it has to be you to guard me?
we gonna lose this game for sure.. I don't feel motivated

Help me!!!! Meta is on loose again...

hey... can  you see Ron Artest? please ask him to go away...
Meta don't want to listen to him anymore

so Kobe told me... Lakers will not lose like the Clippers..
he'll show the whole world that there's no losers in Los Angeles

OMG!!! you're like a swan.. did Bosh teach you that move?

hey Pau, can you cover me  up against Perkins.. he always scared
me like he's gonna take all my lunch

damn.. its too early for me to go back to Spain... 
I did a flight booking in the end Finals... how can I rebook it now

Hey Russel buddy... I'm over here.. pass it here pal.. 
pass it to meeeeee!!!

bwahahaha...!!!! who's the hog ball now Kobe?... 

any of you guys where we going this off season? 
is there any vacation tour for us?

wait.... I score.. that doesn't mean Ron Artest will get his points too?

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