Miami Heat Vs Indiana Pacers Knicks 2012 Playoffs

The happiest fans in Indiana not until Game 6

awesome , we knock out 3 players and we will surely gonna
have Game 6.. no way we will lose this.. lets have a early celebration

ohh its Game-6, I guess we need to finish right no this game..
wait when I finish my drink...

Flop??? ohh yeah this blood clot is fake

you nasty big boy... hey don't turn your head, just look in to the eyes

guess our bullying strategy is not working.. will go for Plan-B...
lets give Wade a real injury

WTF! wade is coming.. run for your lives!!! 

who want's my awesome short?

Bosh : Wade, Lebron.. coach...guys...??? are you all still there... ??
I can walk now.. can you open the room?

hey Pittman.. don't forget just tap the elbow.. and don't do any stupid,
you might get suspended

Shit.. I'm gonna lose.. that will makes Spoesltra less stupid than me

what was it again? mmmmmm just pretend I just said something to you
and do something good ... OK? help me making me an awesome coach

you're so rude... this is my true face.. I don't wear any face mask...
wait I'll put back my headband... you'll see

Granger : hey grand pa... put on your headband ... your hairline makes me mad...
Lebron : what did I do? can please someone shut up this guy...
    come on Ref.. you can do something to stop this guy bullying me?

OK guys stop the bitching.. I don't want to hear
Yo Mama jokes again.. I want a different jokes this time

I hate Granger so much... he said he'll stop bullying me
if I take out my hairband and mouthpiece...

OMG!!! two white guys raping me... just like one of my crazy dream..
wait, I feel my stomach trembling.. 

Wahhhh!!! he put his fingers in my nostrils... call a flagrant..

I hate this place.. this people are bunch of thugs.. 
I miss Boston, I  found out  Garnett is a nice guy after all

damn I really hate to give this award to you...

Suddenly I feeling sick .. it must be the 4th quarter now I guess

wade buddy, don't forget I thought you how to shot Freethrows during crunch time..
that's my expertise and I don't miss it

put on your seat-belts... we will go for a long Travel

wait guys.. hold a second.. can you pose for my Album,
I called it "Pacers Sucks All Time!"

WTF!!! Mah and Delonte watching the game...

I fart... sorry guys

WTF! Pacers lost? did Juwan Howard went back to his 20years younger

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