Oklahoma Thunder Vs San Antonio Spurs - Western Conference Finals 2012

this Sucks!!! why we are winning if I don't play well

Durantula.. The Animal Bureau want to test your toxins.. you're coming with us

National Geo.. found the rarest Tarantula in the deepest
and darkest area of Oklahoma's Home Court

Just get Nasty,... you know like an old man  hasting some young girls...
ohh sorry I was thinking so loud...

 are we winning again? I love this team so much...
we're winning without doing anything

I told you I don't have the ball.. stop pulling my balls

I'm just puzzled... why did they call you Durantula..?
are you a Spiderman , Black widow or something?

Hello mr.Kobe...!! goodluck to your game with Dallas

This doesn't work if they're the ones that holds the 'Nasty' banners

Damn that Westbrook... screwing our gameplan again..
He put all his names in the shooting spots

Ginobili : Oh yeah.. that's NASTY!!! 
Fisher : Damn it.. I lost my virginity...

Sorry I'm late.. I can't get away from Level-2 in Angry Birds

Good job Harden... our plans are working.. 
we made Westbrook invisible

I'm practicing for my kiss later for my pet Dog.. Parky

ohhh Parker... that's too Nasty... and awfully disgusting.. 
I think you misunderstood what coach Pop said

One Team... Don't let Westbrook get the Ball... GO!!!!

Sorry Pal.. I really want to win this game but my arthritis hits me again

Hey Diaw.. don't leave and walks so fast... don't you think my outfit looks Nasty?
I have thigh nets by the way...

Sorry guys.. I need to shoot all this shots... I need to go home early
and do the dishes.. my mama will kill me

My Spider Sense is telling me... I can get all the shots even
 I just kicking it through the rim

This is what happened after they drinks Harden's left over

yeheeyyy!!! we are winning.... are we?

ohh Shit... my back's crack... I can't move

Westbrook : hey Durant... I have feeling I should pass more, don't you think?
Durant : neiiii... just take the shots we are just fine with that

Damn you Harden... you should pass it to me... 
now Durant got over score me

Coach said.. get Nasty... take my stinky fart, Russel

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