Miami Heat Vs Boston Celtics - Eastern Conference Finals 2012

I need to meditate and talk to Oracle how much 3's I need to release

Spo : Hey Mario... guess who I am... ?
Mario : Stop it coach, you ain't funny.. its 4th and we are lossing

David Stern : Ohhh yeahh... Look at this crowd... this need to be on 7 series..
tell the Refs I'll give a bonus for every technicals and offensive fouls they call

Damn.. what did Granger done to you? you're not reacting with my bullies

you failed.. you let Juwan Howard scored you...
now give us 1000 push ups... 

I'm pathetic... no one cares about my bullies anymore.. huhu

I miss Bosh... he's the only guy I can make cry like a sissy

Lebron : that's ridiculous, Bosh is way uglier than that...
Wade : that's insanely yuck!!
Bosh : hey guys, I'm still over here.. hehehmmm

WTF! Rondo got 43pts... I need to put this on Overtime... 
and catch up with the scores

damn it Wade, stop shooting and pass me the ball.. 
its 4th quarter and that's my act.. "Lebron on Clutch Time"

No KG... you can't bother me with your Hairline's Bullies..
My mama told me I look great with my headbands

yo Mama.. I'm on the camera... I'm famous now, see?

Damn... why these refs doesn't bite my acting flops..
guess I need to attend some acting workshops again

If we don't win this 3rd game.... I'll ask the Ref to give you Technical's
and suspends  for the rest of the season

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