NBA Players Fashion Clothes

I got my clothes from my Professor in Biology  class..
I didn't get the what he said.. but he inspired me a lot...

ok.. no time to think what should to be wear...
all my clothes were all in the laundry and Coach Spo
forgot to pick it up

Damn.. I come from my sleep and forgot to change clothes..
 anyway they'll think this is fashion

My wife Vanessa told me to wear something fantastic..
 I thought she said 'fabulous' , who cares- I Love This...

I know what they will say.. what's the white all about? .. 
it should be Pink..

What Fashion? this is the genuine  style

The similarity of the two... they both thoughts they're cool

Yeah I know... we look stupid.. but the Idea is.. I supposed to be look
like a smart guy.. so I dress up like a Professor and Russ will be look like
a retarded patient from a special school

Lightssss... I can see lights... this glass is amazing

I hate those nerd guys copying our dress.. they don't do it right

hey Russel... I think we're famous..
 you think its because of our clothing?

don't get mad.. this is my definition of awesomeness..

ohh this one.. I got this from my Grandpa's Treasure box..

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