San Antonia Spurs Vs LA Clippers 2012 Playoffs Funny Photos

let it out Deandre.. cry it out loud.. 
Paul you're next to tell about your pain

I love Basketball wrestling with UFC grappling..
gragggghhhh!!! this is my game

oh Batman... thanks goodness you're here

where are you going boy? are you on a hurry?
you look scared, did Popovich did something to you..

what?? you mean we are about to lose the playoffs?
damn.. I forgot to update my resume

ok Mo tell me what did you find? 
you able to get Popovich's game manual?

ohh we're still with Clippers...ok I'll continue my nap..
wake me up when the game is over

Tim Timmyyy... your ears so cute, do you want a lick?...

come on Tim, coach says, we can go home early.. 
the benchwarmers will take care of them

huhu.. I lost the ball... make me want to cry... huhuhu!!!
 Deandre where are you.!! 

ohh this nets taste delicious... I want to take this home

what's the mad face all about? did you dunk on Griffin 
or you survive from his Dunk?

guys.. don't go too far.. stay with me, I'm scare in the dark

....I'm beautiful... no matter what the say.. words can't bring me down....

Parker : yeah I grabbed Griffin's thing... it size like this... 
Manu : wow cool.. I'll grab Deandre next 

You're being exterminated.. target captured must returned
to our Genius Commander Del Negro 

ohh shit.. are we winning against the Spurs? I got slept 

I know we gonna lost because we sucks but atleast I'll be looking
awesome in later post game interview

wow you can walk after touching you.. I can make the limp walks..
OMG!... I have a power

don't move I'm trying to do a Plank Pose

I smell something here? let me guess you wearing this 2weeks ago

 geezzz I didn't notice we already have 4 champs... 
this kind of feelings that Lebron will never have

I can feel the pressure on you...I can also feel  your tits are wet.. 

18 game steaks and no body cares about it? 
but when this guy Griffin made an overrated dunk, he'll stay on the headlines
for the rest of the week.. yeah this is NBA

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