Coaches in 2012 Playoffs

Coach Vinny Del Negro (LA Clippers )

Griffin posterized dunk is in #1 .. yipeee.. let's have a party!!!
come on guys dance with me...

Remember I told you.. I'll give you a scoop of an ice cream for every dunk you made
(gezz why its hard to motivate a player nowadays)

Andre, squeeze his balls.. that will stop Bosh

Ref: hurry up and put the greens in my pocket..
Vinny : Ok..OK .. which side of your pocket?

ohhh... I get what you mean and  you're right, 
gezzz so that's how they make scores in Basketball..
 wow! I'm learning a lot from you...

ohhhh.. idiot .. idiot.. I shouldn't gave that play to Griffin...
Paul was right I should keep my hands off and act like a moppets

listen up... when I signal this  kind of hands move... 
you will act like stupid dummy and let Paul do his play.. 
yeah that kind of dummy looks

Coach Scott Brooks (Oklahoma Thunder )

(squeeze) Durant... you're so GOOD... that's why you're my favorite player...
I love you man... ohh love like coach and player relationship .. kinda

please don't give the technical to Durant.. call it to Westbrook instead?

this reminds me of Beauty and the Beast... you know the Ballroom scene?

Damn Westbrook... he edited my notes and put all the plays on him

just follow what ever I told you.. "pass the ball to Durant"
why its hard for you to follow that?

Coach Doug Collins (Philadelphia 76sers )

hehe. I'm sneaking..  ass finger maneuver is on strike again.. 
why I just love this prank...

Oh Shittt!!!!.. I can't move did someone freeze me

its OK Iggy.. sometimes we need to lose to learn more.. 
do you want me to comfort you later at home?

buhoooo you Ref! you want really a piss off ... 
well how about ask your wife who's the father of your kids?

listen to me.. I also like you, you and Iggy  are my best player..
but it's just he's more macho... 

you told me the toilet was over there.... I already pee in my pants
before I got to the right toilet

Coach Doc River (Boston Celtics )

no Kevin.. don't hurt him too much... 
just a little tap and some mild bully.. kinda those usual things

ffffuu...ffffff ... f*****kk!!  we lost against a circus trash team 

why I feel like a head-microphone?

really Paul? we will have a massage with lotion later?

hey.. I know that's perfume? its familiar with Bosh was using?

what Rondo thrown out again!!!  UNBELIEVABLE?

OMG!!! we are going to lose... Rondo do something quick!!!
injure you're self to stop the momentum...

no way B**ch ! , yo mama can't see any because of her huge asssssss.. duh!

Coach Mike Brown (LA Lakers )

did you get hurt Kobe? are you OK...?
see this is one of my coaching principle to take care my players
like Mother and Child relationship.. come I'll cuddle you

oh f***...  having a coach is such a useless without 
the Kobe System principle..

can you check my ass if there's any shits coming?

you know, I'm thinking to take this coaching job?
I like too but there's no great player that I know that is better than myself..
I wish I could coach a great player like myself.. do you agree?

bang this one Kobe.. come on now... don't get shy

kiss here boy... ok just a five, that's fine as well

why you guys are so freaking serious.. don't you get my joke?
hey.. are you all listening to me? please smile atleast

Coach Erik Spoesltra (Miami Heat )

hey Bosh.. nice acting there like a sissy .. that was so Cool

Oh Shitttt!!! its 4th quarter.. this means, wade and lebron will choke...
need to think of excuse later in the post game

what? are you serious?
 you want me to injure myself to have an excuse for this lost?

the ring is overthere... you have also 4 team mates around you..
and don't forget you can also pass.. hope those are all clear to you?

please Lebron.. can you pass the ball in the last second?
I mean its OK if you don't like the idea.. but atleast please try to listen to me ?

Lebron will hate me if I give the play to Wade..
Wade will hate me if I give the play to Lebron..
Bosh will cry because the two will blame him... 
why its hard to coach this 3?

WTF!! how can't it be my dam fault.. 
I didn't take the last shot and missed out the freethrows!!!

this doesn't look good Wade.. I have a feeling you need 
to give the ball to Lebron, he's looking at me really mad, again

ohh shit... what these two doing again? they forgot
they have 3 teammates on the floor? but I'm scared to remind them

Coach Mike Woodson (New York Knicks )

I'll give you a coaching advise...
you know how I take care of my Beard?
I used lotion in my bath and seeping some cold juice then
I giving it a massage, talking to it, singing, caressing .... 

no Lin you don't have that lucky charm anymore.. 
so you'll stay here in the Bench and let these high paid players 
take care of the losing game

use who? Melo who? ohh the guy who always injured 
but have a  million bucks on his paper

Coach Gregg Popovich (San Antonio Spurs )

I saw an Unicorn flew over there... can you help me find it?

what's your short size? and how about your ass?
just a bit  curious, there's no other meaning or whatever

you think you can beat me with "Eye Staring Contest"

sorry... say it again.. I don't get your joke?

"round-round-- I get around... huhoho yeah"..
wow.. we can sang on duet so perfect like The Beach Boys

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