LA Clippers Vs Memphis Grizzlies 2012 Playoffs

run Paul.. run... I'm coming to eat you.. grwaaaarggghhh!!!

sorry Mr.Griffin you're not allowed to enter here.. 
they said ... retards are not welcome

Paul : did you bring my Barney's Adventure XBox game?
Grffin : ohh shit I forgot, I almost finish it last night

you all sucks!!! suck it!!! 
(just love this people, they don't mind what ever you say)

come on puppy... let go your tantrums now... 
you'll have the ball promise 

yes... I'm excited... we are leading 10pts.. it means, 
we can play finally.. I'll tell my mama about this

cool dude.. they let you play.. how does it feel?
we missed you here in the bench.. hope you come back here and seat with us again

ohh shit... we're so fast and  run over him

Paul is mine.. no he's mine.. I have my eyes on him since he's rookie

great guys we got a win, its not in my game play but whatever you just did, it works

why I'm feeling like a tortoise...?

wahhhh!!! its not fair, you two always harrasing me..
my hearts broken ... and alone again

I'm back... now that I'm here, you all should give me the ball ...
like how the Kobe System works

paper-rock-scissor ... scissor? what's next... anyway I win..
 I'll have the ball

its so great that making me feel wanna sing... 
"I born this way....  lah lah lah"

I can fly because my magic shoes has fairy dust from Petter Pan... 

come on Paul, where are you going? 
its your turn to show yours...

I'm the real King.. that Lebron is a fake...
he doesn't have Royal Blood like mine

somebody help us... we got stuck

calm down... you still look fine, your body are still all together with the beard..
yeah nothing's to worry after that Griffin dunk

Coach : I called a timeout to hear you out my poetry I made..
 it goes like this... 'There's a dog.. in my home...'
Gasol : I want a new coach.. this one is fine to kill

wahhhhh !!!! your nails.. its horrible..

 wow.. that looks fun.. I wanna join.. wait for me

Griffin's who? whoever he is, he won't getaway from us... 
we're the best tower in NBA.. 

what no cute on the court?
where's Marc Gasol.. ? that macho espanyol.. grrrr..

come one Paul, give him the ball... he will rape us

ewwww... your saliva, its sticks in to my lips

what did you say? I'm better to be the Bear Grizzlies mascot...
how dare you.. I'm a hippo not a bear

dam you all... I'm the one got injured here... 
somebody please give me some care,.. huhuhhu.... I'm alone again

deeper... push it more doc... I can't still feel any

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