Javale McGee Funny Photos

hey Wizards... fools on you.. who's in the playoffs now..
I'll fill up my stats and  I'll get out score John Wall and Blatche 

Javale is dribbling.. Javale is on the move.. 
Javale going for a dunk .... MJ will envy me with this -from the freethrow dunk..

come one Faried.. you know the steps?..  
just like what we do in the club, remember?

oh I see what you're trying to do now .. 
you gonna dunk from Freethrow line.... again?

I'm so excited on my first day as Nuggets...
for my first entrance.. I'll dunk from 3point line so the fans will god me

ohh yeah got a steal... just 9 of this and I'll have my double-double

damn they bench us both...  I only need 1pt to get my double-double..
how about you? how much you need to get yours?

orrrrhhhh!!!  I can smell my underarms ... 
guess I forgot to put on deodorant 

why there's no foul... I've been pushed by 5'11, can't you all see?

really Coach? I can do whatever I want since its my last day as Wizards?

no.. please stop the time... I need to get my double digit points..
assists, boards, steals and blocks .. how come its too soon?

damn this team... why I'm still not getting the ball.. my team sucks..
its so unfair.. next time I'll be on the point-guard

calm down.. I know how it feels when everyone's laughing
at you because of your stupid dunk or whatever you just have done now

I want the ball... I'll not get our from here until you give me the Ball..
mama I want the ball.. the ball.. the ball.. wahwahwah!!!

1 massive goal tending accomplished Sir!

oh shit Javale is a puppet pedho 

ohh I love this Beach and the people as well...
they looking at me like  genius and awesome...
I'll stay here, I'll tell my mama I'll not be coming back home

stop it Dwight, I don't need your help to get the board

ohhh you think your Martial Arts can hurt me? 
my mama's watching overthere and she'll surely kick your ass

how dare you to say that I don't have brains?
I have one here... huhuhu... near my side burns.. huhu

for the damn 10th times Javale.. please I'll not repeat this question anymore...
what can you say about your new team the Nuggets...? 
Nuggets your team.. Nugggeettssssss......

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