NBA Players in EuroBasket : Spain

Ricky Rubio

I love this photo.. I feel like narcissism on this

huh? I swear I didn't poo.. I just came

Its time to show the world how cute  my smile while holding the ball
(...hey Ricky.. watch your back..)

Face off to Ringo Starr

hey stupid.. you're overreacting... I haven't touched you yet

the rumour is true.. its size as my thumb

yaaacccckkkss!!!!!!! there's a RAT there... I'm scared Pau

ohh flowers.. I just  love flowers.. I feel more feminine

Pau : hey Ricky.. that's enough, lets back to work..
Ricky: hold on.. I'm not done yet

Ricky: You all people sucks... (did I get my english right?)
Rudy : you stupid.. I think you got them mad

Rudy Fernandez

this medal is fake.. its taste chocolate

Noooo... I said get the ball and not Parker

huh? where am I.. the game is finish and I just slept all the way

wow!!!... you see that I just made six points in  the 3 point line..

Rudy : we love each other.. we are in one..
Ricky : I think your English is wrong..?

Jose Calderon

I'm begging you coach.. please let me play.. I'll kiss your foot...

this ball made in china it taste like opium

ohhh Yo mama so bald .. you can see whats on her mind

ohhh you want a piece of me.. or you want a kiss

Yo mama so ugly when she joined an ugly contest,
they said "Sorry, no professionals."

Marc Gasol

Pau: Yo mama is ugly that she looks like mama.. hahaha
Marc : you Idiot!!..  we're brothers with the same mama

(listening) ... ohh this audio is cool.. I love Barney's song

Durant: Yo mama.......
Marc :  ohhh Yo mama so fat!!
 God told her he had no room in heaven
 and the devil said there was no room in hell 

Marc: Hey Pau.. I ate your chocolates at home.. sorry
Pau : you bastard...

wow...  I know now how to spin the ball with my finger.. beat that...

Pau!!!!! take off that underwear ... there's my name on it...

You won't get away with the Gasol's Trap Maneuver....

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