Jeremy Evans with Karl Malone Pose Dunk

When you talked about what's underrated classic dunk, one thing for sure that's in your mind but The Mailman signature dunk.  It's not really a highlight dunk nor a dunk that the fans will jumps for a perfect-10 but this dunk is a vintage specially those Utah fans from the Karl Malone era.

Teach Me How to Mailman Pose...

Evans done it fair good, with jumping over Kevin Hart though the crowd was expecting it would had much better if its the real Mailman who's he gonna jump over. Maybe Karl Malone was busy or might doesn't want to somebody jump over him because it sounds disrespecting but anyway Evans took home the trophy and crowned the 2012 Slamdunk King.

The Classic Karl Malone Pose Dunk

Jeremy Evans version of the Mailman Pose.. look mah! I'm on a Karl Malone dunk!

Jeremy Evans Jump over Kevin Hart, 
every mailman could dream of

Jeremy Evans over Kevin Hart with a Karl Malone signature Dunk

Before Evans, Garnett and Lebron had  their own version with the Mailman dunk..

Garnett in a Mailman Pose Dunk

Lebron James with his version of the Mailman

Mailman with the delivery...

Lebron James with the Karl Malone Pose dunk

1 comment:

  1. More like Karl Malone is almost 7 feet tall so Jeremy Evans, even with his hops, is not going to try that.



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