Kobe The Man Behind The Mask

Kobe Bryant broke his nose during the all stars game that's resulting him to play with the face mask against the Minnesota. Wearing with the face mask is unusual for Kobe and its his first time to wear one of those (if not mistaken) but despite with something in his face he still managed to play as beast as before. They won against the Timberwolves with finishing of 31pts in the game. 

The question now, will Kobe will keep the mask in his entire career like Rip Hamilton did? Of course I'm sure he'll not, unless Nike will put a logo in his mask and use it for new Kobe Style.

Zorro in Lakers uniform

Jason is back in Friday the 13th... in Lakers

what are you looking  at? is there something in my face?

huh? I can't feel my face.. doc.. what happened to my face?

even with the face mask nothing's changed... he's still after that thing he loves.. (the ball)

Damn this mask ruined my looks, I don't feel looking  fabulous

Pau  : heyy you, guy with the mask... kobe? is that you?
Kobe : and who else do you think huh?  Rip Hamilton..

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