NBA Players with the Face Mask

Its not funny to have a face mask and its not good to make fun out of it. We know how serious and difficult for a player to play something stuck in his face. You know the feelings of the sticky sweats flowing to your face and aside from the pain you got from your injury. Recently Kobe got his face mask because of his broken nose but yet able to do at his best.

Anyway, this is just to show some of the players who undergone a face mask and yet still able to deal with it.

Super Stars Face Mask

Lebron James

Kobe Bryant

Devon Harris

Roy Hibbert

┼Żydr┼źnas Ilgauskas

Bench warmer could get hurt too

Some other player even they're not prone with intense play or just playing in 5mins, they're still unlucky to get hurt  their face. That's really bad about this,  the GM will have an excuse not to let them play.

Courtney Lee

Marc Jeric

Hedo Turkoglu

The Detroit Piston Fashion Statement

  In Piston a face mask is like a requirement for their players or maybe they made part of their jersey attire. After Rip Hamilton has proven's that his face mask enhanced his ability, the Piston management made a memo to put a face mask to all their players. In other side before Hamilton's famous mask, Bill Laimbeer was the first Piston to have a face mask signature during his career.

Bill Laimbeer - the father of face mask in Pistons

Rip you're next, I'll pass down this mask to you

Yes Sir, I promise to wear this even in sleeping, eating, shower and face massage parlor

Brandon Knight - please don't let me wear this... I need to see cute on TV

I put too much rubber in my mask, I can't hardly breathe

Masked Men, I command you all to come with me.. we will takeover the universe

This is one has a real amazing face mask.. I wonder who could this be?


  1. the last one must be sam cassel face masked..

  2. It is Marko Jaric, not Marc Jeric



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