Vinsanity Vs Linsanity


I don't know where they got the idea of using Linsanity for Jeremy Lin as for his tag-name, knowing Vinsanity owned that 'sanity' thing long time ago. Well media gave it to him and people loves it but we still don't know until when Lin will at his best, unlike Vince Carter who had already proven his best during his prime and done a lot of recognition for himself.  We have to wait not only for this season but also for more up coming season if Lin will continue his sensation.

 Come on man, help me to catch that bastard 
he ripped off my Vinsanity... 
I thought its only in China you do imitations...

hey.. don't go too serious.. can you go a bit slow.. I'm tired

Linsanity what?? hmmmm... wait that sounds familiar???

Damn... soon Lin will surely copy this 'crank it up' pose of mine...
I need to get a copy right ownership on this as well before he rip off something from me again


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