Dallas Mavericks Funny Photos 2012

so you want the Ball huh??? now eat it..!

Dirk.. Lebron is so rude.. he told me he hate's his father.. huhu.. 
why can he say such things... I love my boy , why can't  he accept me?

Hey man I'm on a disguise.. I'm in your team.. we will win this

huh? you reminds someone in the zoo

If my son's Lebron can do this, so am I... flying west to the basket!!

No.. for the million times... I'm not Jim Carrey and I'm your coach

nyahh nyahh... hey Vince do this like me.. it works against Miami

let's go home early and watch Glee .. ohh yeahh!!!!

No... I'm not drawing a Penguin and I'm not Mr.Popper

you made confused who got the dunk on this?

huhu.. Odom I heard the management they be kicking me out next..
help me.. I don't have anything other than NBA.. can I stay in your place with Khloe?

its so hard to get Old.. before I've done this in 360 windmill jam, 
now I'm not sure what the hell of shot is this?

Mr.Artest told me.. becareful he hates you for leaving the Lakers and he might hurt you..
Meta just like want to warn you because Mr.Artest is crazy you know?

Ok thanks for stretching my arms.. can you smell it too?

hihihi... stop tickling my ear... lets do this after

ouch my back!!! this will be a week rest again

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