LA Lakers Funny Moments 2012

Please don't touch me.... I'm sensitive with white guys

I can't take this anymore.. I need to win to finish this game..
I'll be late with my Yoga Class

OMG! I love your nails... where parlor you had those?

this is my signature move... Dirty Corpse Fire Breath attack!!

after game.. show me our sisterhood sign..

My mask is not bloody red... its pink

kiss me Gasol... I love spanish macho guys

I'm tired... can you help me throw this ball over there

WTF!! you scared me.. I thought there's chewbaka coming

please mr.Gasol.. don't hurt me.. I promise I'll be good boy 

Meta world Peace didn't do anything bad... its Ron Artest fault...

Meta is innocent... I told Mr.Ron Artest not to hurt anyone.. 
but he's persistent, he did it because he hate Harden's ugly beard

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