Atlanta Hawks Funny Moments in 2012

OMG! I can now tie my  own shoe! look mah!

Coach... this is what you told me.. grab more balls, right?

Yippeeee... Johnson will play pillow-fight with me tonight!!!!...  

No Josh.. this my score... don't steal it

Grahhhh!!! who stepped over my new shoe?

come one Ref.. don't dance and pretending you didn't see anything

I'm not old like carter... see I can still play like the old days.. (ouch my back!)

what? there's a dead man on the floor

Hey Bro.. how do you like the Green I put in your Locker?

whaaccckkk!!!! I touched his poo in the ass!

Baaaalllll!!!!! must eat the Ball

how do you like my eyes? I know you can't resist it

WTF!... where's everybody? they left me with these rapist

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