On The Bench Moments

No I'm not just a regular Bench.. I'm a sophisticated MVP bench player..

is this the effect of not playing for a long time?

How's our Oscars outfit? we're not seating just like a bench you know

I had a dream while in the Bench... I was playing 7 games straight and people are cheering "LIN"...
weird dream

damn.. I'm not injure but why they letting me dress like this

Let us IN...  we're seating for the entire season.. let our clothes stained by our sweats

no I'm not a Bench player.. I want to seat with the boys... no malice or whatever

who farted this time?... its smells German Hotdog?

Lebron : lets pose and see who's the gayest in three of us? 
Wade : I know, its Bosh...
Bosh : heyy.. but I'm not posing or doing any effort

who left the cage opened.. ?

OMG!... we gonna win .. this is miracle.. if we win, I'll stop peeing in their drinks

huhu... stop that camera... my kids will condemn me and they'll stop calling me father, if they saw me in the bench again..

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