Boston Celtics Vs Atlanta Hawks 2012 Playoffs

See no Evil , Hear no Evil

looks nice guys, keep facing on my camera... wait, who's that weird looking parrot? .. 
- dude that's a Hawk

damn you Ball, if you fail to get into the rim again... 
I put you in my ass again 

guys , call a time out quickly, I have the ball here

Look at those B*tch...  its look like a sissy cat fight

WTF that's cheer song... its too gay...
no way that you  will let me sing with you guys

how come its my foul? I don't even wearing my jersey 

wow your legs so nice.. can I go more deeper?

hey Mr.Johnson you forgot your undies here

what, are you kidding??? I'm not throwing my legs to anyone

calm down horsie.. me wanna ride Mr.Garneet back 

argghhh!!!... how do you like my bluffing performance?

wow.. I'm so popular here in Boston.. I can start my acting career soon

hey guys, don't be shy, I'll give you a photo shoot of me on your SmartPhones
see I smile like this on your wallpaper (nobody cares)

this will be great.. after my great acting performance..
media will make headlines about my acting Tebowing pose

Dude... the rim is over there... what are you doing?

Rajon Technical.. he said my shoes is not ciute

just read the script at the back so you'll know what to say...
by the way this is basketball game, the last one we visited was Ballet 

damn.. this Ball is too heavy.. I wonder why?

wow Josh Smith with his... seating in a Invisible Chair Dunk...

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