Orlando Magic Vs Indiana Pacers 2012 Playoffs

huhu... we lost the playoffs,.. my wife will disgust and abandon me...
I'm homeless now... somebody please hug me.. oh Dwight where are you?

if I'm the Most Improved Player.. maybe I have improved my singing too...
lahhh lahh!!! (hmmmm?I guess not)

let me give you a Bear Hug... wow I love this... can I take you home?
my puppy  just died and need one

who like my baked cookies...? I have leftovers and some bite on it

huhu... I wish Dwight is here.. they always bully me,,.. 
Dwight knows I'm not a fat ass baby...

yeah I'm going to resign as a coach.. 
but I'll still be staying the Magic and gonna wear the weird looking 
Stuff Magic Dragon..

yeah.. its funny we gonna beat the Pacers all day..
and their coach franc Vog... booger? what's his name again?

ha--ha--ha-- very funny Dwight.. I can't stop laughing..
I wish you'll be moved to Bobcats and that will be hilarious 

Ganger:  I hate you, my friend here is not stupid and retarded...
Tyler : enough of that Danny,.. you only saying that

I want to punch this guy really hard...
 I hate him when he's drunk

oh wait Hibbert.. just one more.. don't leave me unsatisfied

this is my face when I'm happy.. oh yeah.. making me feel dancing.. yeah!

ohh boy.. Davis is waiting for a pass again.. 
my effort will go wasted for sure

Dear Diary... me and Dwight are still not talking to each other..
I wonder how is he..? I want to confront him and say something...
but I still feel mad at him... huhu

hey Coach... wait.. don't leave us.. its only 2mins past of 1st quarter

I know where I'm going to go after Magic.. 
I'm gonna join the American Idol..

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