Kobe System

the Fact!'

This how the system works... there's no one should get the ball
in the offense aside from him

That's the key with the System to get more time with the Ball

there's no one else better than him.. even off court

Pau, I failed the system.. I out-scored Kobe... 
he must be mad at me.. I'm scared..

If he's not in the Court.. the system can be compromised

OK Kobe.. you need to put all your emotion on this... 
shout as hard as you can..
"Give me the Ballllllllllllllll!"

what??? I'm not a ball hog.. that's BS!

that's another assist from me...but too bad it went to the rim

did you get the ball.. make sure Kobe won't see it

It's not in the System that even you're far open it means that you can get a Ball...

2-assist , the Stats that he maintain...

What Kobe got 2 assist? he failed the System.. 

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