Dallas Mavericks Vs Oklahoma Thunder Playoffs

Mark Cuban obviously not happy.. he saying something like "Fart" or "Fat" 

Nicest old guy + senior citizen in NBA... 
it took him a lot of age to get it, now he can retire

stop booing on me... I'm with the home team and you all supposed to include 
me with cheering players...

Graghhhh!!! Finally I have something to watch in youtube on this Playoffs

The Blue Alien in Avatar appeared during the game... 
giving the the message to their master Marion

It's over, I'll going back to Germany and continue the 
Super Human Dirk Cloning Project...

any of you guys knows if we still be having a party after the Sweep lost?

its time to show these  young legs that we are not old ...
 give me your bets... I'll bet with the young ones

Oh my Shit... my hypothesis is right... your beard is your weakness

you must believe me... there's a monster after me ...

invasion is coming.. mr.Kidd I'm scared, I want my mama

you all are not  enough to stop the German Super Human...

WTF Westbrook! give me that ball... its my turn to get double digits

who like to get a chance to score?... ok then lets not pass it westbrook

according to our calculation... Mavs will lose in Sweep because of  their arthritis 
we also predicted.. Westbrook and Durant will get a score multiplied by their assists

Carter: come on boy.. I'll give you my vintage collection if you let us win this...
Durant : nahh I'm not intersted... I burned my collection after you left the raptors..

WTF!!! I haven't warm up yet.. its only 0/10fg in 1st quarter

this the proof that my beard is better than yours...

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