Miami Heat Vs New York Knicks 2012 Playoffs

I'm tired and bored, I need to hit a something to pump me up.. 
maybe a fire extinguisher will work

ok the fire extinguisher didn't work, but man I love my outfit

Davis : hey Bosh, what do you think with my cool Shoes?
Bosh : oohh its pretty.. do you have a pink with Barbies and Ken on it?

doc I'm not crazy? where you all taking me?... 

wahh..!!! he started to bully on me again.. I'll tell this to my mum

Chandler bullied me and now Melo's hurting me.. I hate you all

wanna see some magic? no I'm not from Harry Potter nor leprechaun 

damn this knicks.. tonight I'll start packing up and be moving to Miami

can I take the last shot? you and lebron always choke

HELP!!! please somebody take off this pervet me out of me

Bosh will love this pose.. it will make him wet

WTF Bosh! ... is that Victoria's Secret perfume on you? 
you gave me allergy

who's the beast now Dwight? I should be getting more pay next season

can't wait to finish this game and play my X-Box...
my hands are already shaking up

Shit... is that a Ghost? or just an effect of shame from losing

Heat will regret on dumping me and giving me no respect ... 
hey Lebron don't turn your back on me...
please give me some care here..

OK... as for my calculation I learned my Harvard....
we will lose big time and my Lin's jersey will have a insane 
price off

I'm fine now but they don't want me to play.. 
they said Melo and Amare needs to sale their merchandise

wow Lebron.. is that you who shoot the 4th quarter shot?
can't believe it, make me wanna get an autograph on my underwear

Hey Mr.Referee get out of the sight... I'm having my pose here

I'm hungry can we finish this now, there's no way we can win anyway

Sorry buddy, I wish we can trade Bosh with you... 
next time we will injure him and trade him for free

Wade pal... please let me get in to your team.. 
I'm getting old and having "No Ring" deficiency 

oh shit.. help me do something here Wade...
or else  I need to update my Resume' ..

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