Philadelphia 76ers Vs Chicago Bulls 2012 Playoffs

this is so boring... it makes me sleep here... 
ain't challenging,.. there's no way they'll beat us anyway

there's nothing to see here... get out.. get out..

ohh yeah my booger gun did work,, who want's to get shot my gun?

I'm your new Ball Boy from now on... but I'm not just a regular Ball Boy..
I'm a MVP Ball Boy, don't you'll forget that

where am I? am I still in the pub? where's the hot chick I'm with...
who are you guys, wanna some rounds with me?

ohhh Rose is so cute.. I always want to punch you here.. hmmmppp

help me... this is ain't the real doctor.. 
he's the one  molested me when I was a kid

Bye guys... I like to play but I only play on Eastern Conference Finals..
its too brutal if I play with #8 seeds...

huh? I'm floating in the air.. its like some thing from above lifting me..
am I dead or some kind of Alien Invasion?

I told you my body's counter attack automatically... 

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