San Antonia Spurs Vs Utah Jazz 2012 Playoffs Funny Photos

Oh yeah.. sweep baby.. make me wanna dance the dougie

 ohhh I can feel my tits so hot... 

hey Parker.. there's a yogurt coming out in your  ears..
ewww that's so grouse 

what's the score now? can we go home, need to watch Desperate Housewives 

no you can't stay in the middle.. 
you're white.. you're only good at taking trash jump shots

are you kidding me? you two hoping to win against us?
Malone went to Lakers because he's afraid of me...

you can't give me technical, this is my face when I'm happy and mad

wow really.. you mean you're still a virgin?

can we freeze the time and be like this forever?

its nonsense, even we win the finals.. 
it will still be about Miami and Lakers next season

Ref : wow nice ass Parker

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