New York Knicks Funny Photos 2012

I'll hit in the ass if no one of you answer my question...
whose shit is this on the floor?

yippeeee... happy moments over.. we will be seating the bench again 
finally I can read my Harvard books , visit my facebook and sleep till the end of the game

you're lucky I got injured, otherwise you'll be moved to Bobcats

ayyyyhhhiiii!!! there's a rat in my Ass.... help!!!

holllyyyy shit!!! what's the smell, did you use your shit as soap?

Chandler is a monster.. he has two bodies fused into him

Zuckerberg trying to study the Linsanity effect and thinking he can 
create an app out of it

I can sense someone gonna take over my career..
 I need to injure that bastard as soon as possible

The next Big Thing... The Future.... yeah right...

wait Mr.Camera-Man.. I'm trying to do my pose here.. 
I want to look fabulous 

Holy Cow... its that Lebron James Cavs Ghost??
Hug me melo.. I'm effin scared..

its humiliating... Bosh said he want to have the same tattoo with mine..

ok I'll shut up now.. but really, I can win this playoffs if I can only play right now..
ok I'll shut up, forget what I said.. but you know...

No you can't see this... I don't have the Ball.. '
get out, you must not see this

We meet again my own worst enemy... its about time to end this rivalry..
remember how you beat me in Grade3..

awful.. this is awful.. you ate all my cheese sticks.. 
how can I enjoy watching here in the bench while we're losing

I gonna vomit.. help me take out that t'hing in my ass

yeah.. me and Chandler are best friends.. you know partners, close brothers .. kinda.

I'll gonna teach you this once're not doing it right..
 this how you do the Tango...

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