Orlando Magic Funny Photos in 2012

the team doesn't need only regrouping 
 but psychiatric medication as well

do you want to bet whose fart the best?... ok ready ?

the game plan is just simple.. just shoot the Ball over the rim 
and outscore the other team... what's so hard about?

Garnet hurts my feelings.. he said Superman ain't no real

I'm a butterfly... see me fly mama

wow.. nice legs

oh shit... my eyes are crossing.. too blurry to find the ring

wow.. nice man tits.. its really bouncing.. can we touch it?

where the two guys go? how they disappeared?

Sing me with me... Twinkle twinkle little star....

WTF! Barney is a gay dino? that's the worst lie I ever heard.. 
you making me cry... wahhhhh!

Damn you guys... I'll pee on your drinks if you still can't make a basket

try to get through to my Budha Wall Defense

the whale is coming.. get out of the way

who? Superman.. no didn't see him...I just passed by..
(they have no idea that I'm Superman)

are you drunk? I'm not Rhiana... you need to get sober 

no I have no plan moving to the Mavs, Nets or Heat...
I want to move to Metropolis.. and work as a Reporter...
that's the only way to hide my identity

didn't know Davis shirts taste like baby's milk..
 I almost finish this

wow.. his tits are real.. come here Howard touch it..

Hi bubu.. remember when we were young? 
we go to bath together..... naked

there's a giant hand in my face... HELP!!!!... 
there's a giant hand coming after me

I feel for you Westbrook.. being 2nd man in a team 
is sucks... the main man always getting all the spot lights while
we cleaning their shits

Argghh!!!! why you stabbed at the back? you play dirty... literally 

I can still dunk like MJ or VC... but why I'm not getting any fame 

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