The Old Vince Carter (Half Man - Half Retired)

As a Vince Carter fan, its a bit disappointing to watch him playing every hard game. It really looks difficult for him to revive the old days...  before, a 360-Windmill Jam  will be just a regular dunk , now in contrary, even a simple layup looks too awful from a junior varsity. But still VC he's still the best showman ever, it makes me jump seeing him doing the slamdunk even just a mini dunk. Just like revitalizing the old days.

Half Man - Half retired, Half man - Half Disgrace, Half Man - Half Elephant or whatever they're calling him now.. no doubt he still be the spectacular VC that ever played in the NBA as the time goes by and while his youtube highlights continues, he be by the millions fans and cheer on him.. ... Vinsanity!!!!

oh shit... I feel my back got  twisted too much... 
need to put backache lotion later..

you see the 3's? that's how I champ the Raptors..
oh wait we didn't go to Finals

you know during my prime.. I can steal that ball 
and will make you famous for humiliating your self in the national TV

ohh yeahh  I love you boy... we should be doing this a lot more ?

WTF there's still a Raptor team in NBA? you got to be kidding me

hey Mr.Carter.. you turn around too much.. the ring is over here

you know if you move closer.. I can put you in the weekly highlights..
and both of us will be famous

what? 0-10fg? I haven't  get warm up yet...

easy dirk.. don't push too much the back... my doctor is on a vacation
and no one will fix that

I'm hungry.. can I play later in the 4th and take the last shot?

ouch... did someone hit my face? or I'm just old and senile

give me the ball... don't let me run too much please

ohh yeah.. just like the old days.. this will be on youtube for sure

I feel ridiculous with my pose, but before this is supposed to be 
a poster perfect

yes... there's a lot of thing in my mind about my retirement..
like playing in Mavs then to Bulls then Raptors...
a lot of teams I want to go before I retire

how come they able to reach my vertical lift?
no one ever beaten my jump

come on boy... don't let me twist my arms too much...
can you get just get easy on me?

ouch!... did something hit my head?
 I feel dizzy.. maybe I need to sleep now

remember Dirk I won the Rookie of the year in our batch..
and you won a MVP through times... 
to sum it up.. I'm still better than you and I should be the lead man in this team

hey you over there.. can you give me that ball.. 
I don't want to stretch my back to pick it up

damn you Dirk.. I'll steal the bright spot in the Mavs someday..
or maybe not, I'll just gonna wait for your retirement

Graghhhh!!!!!! you will thanks me for this..
you have now something to watch in youtube...

hey Mr.president... no, I'm still playing in NBA and I'm not retired yet..
yeah.. those fool still get me signs... I'm doing great as far as I know

give me a call if your kids want to get an autograph with this poster

Watching this Video will make you Cry... 

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