Oklahoma Thunder Vs Miami Heat - Game 4 - 2012 Finals

nice fake assist... why don't you give me a real assist next time

OMG!!! that's grouse replay.. Bosh a silly Dino

it's a fake pass.. it's a fake pass.. don't bite it.. he does not pass

wow.. that's look fun... wait I'll join in

Hey Ref.. shouldn't you call a foul?? (ignored)

ohh who said you can escape from the King Defense?

hey you.. get out of the way.. I want Durant to guard me

help me here guys.. Lebron said I'm a pussy on Defense..
  Can you help me think of a good response on that?

damn it ... why don't you let me score.. its my first to get the ball
, Westbrook had this all the time

HEEeeeyyy!!!! Kobe I know you're in there... 
don't disguise your self  like a drag 

ouchhhh!!!... this is painful than I had last night

I can't scratch my back... help.. it's itchy.. someone call a timeout

hey wade.. are you OK now? I'll be going on a body massage later..
want to come?

Ohhh shit... my jersey will get dirty.. must protect it from the floor

Graaggghhhhh!!!! who's a pussy now??? I broke my nail after that rebound..
I'm tough now...

Hail to your King.. put me on my throne.. I want to watch how 
the Thunder's fell down from a infamous Chalmers

can't believe what I just done... I'm famous now..
 Need to talk to Pat Riley and  ask for a hike

damn.... what have you done to your hair..
wait let me fix it..  you want to go parlor with me later?

Ohhh boy... this is what I'm afraid to happen... I should lead the team..
not from a point guard trying to be a MVP

 Hey guys.. I got this... we will win and get my 50pts

Damn.. I shouldn't pass more often.. I'm sad that I didn't get my 50pts

Bosh : damn... I always having more than 20pts but I never get a hug from you guys 

Bosh : OMG!!! Lebron is hugging me... I can't believe he's doing this
Lebron :  hug? oh yeah.. thanks for hiding me from those nasty reporters

Hey Bosh.. have you seen Lebron and Wade?

[ images are taken from  NBA.COM ] 

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