Oklahoma Thunder Vs Miami Heat - Game 3 - 2012 Finals

no, idiot, I didn't say to come here.. I said go to your teammate...
teammate.. understand?

Bosh : Nice play James ... wade... james ???? (ignored)

Bosh : Guys.... I did the shot... I'm over here (ignored)

Lebron always getting the bright lights.. its unfair.. I need to hug the ball more

Hey Harden.. how many fouls you have now? I have 5, beat that

Come on guys, isn't those too  obvious they're just trying to get your fouls...
and yet you all still fell for it?

The Attack of the Giant Durantula...

Bosh : OMG!!! hey wade look at those firing butterfly.. they're fabulous 

you fell into our trap.. the Durantula Catch Trap

What??? you're looking for who? Bosh..... Bosh who?

.. who want's cookies? catch it to your right..

 WTF!!! that's too gay!

[ images are taken from  NBA.COM ] 

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