Oklahoma Thunder Vs Miami Heat - Game 2 - 2012 Finals

Nice job guys... we can do this... (ignored)

Hi guys... Coach sub me in... (ignored)

Bosh: hey guys I did the last shot.. its not Lebron (ignored)

The Referee is the OKC 6th man.. trying to steal the ball from Chalmers

The OKC 6th Man aggressively guarding Wade 

boy.. can you do something valuable for the team?
do you know what teamwork means? 
.. and most of do you hell understand what I'm saying?

Bosh do the defense what I thought you.. the drag queen wall 

help... these two are cannibals.. they eat Dino's flesh

your team sucks.. you lead by 20's and now it goes down by 3?
 Take if from me Lebron.. you won't get your ring this time

damn it.. I'm not Bosh so stop hugging me.. I'm not on it

come on guys.. just give me the ball.. 
I'm the only smart guy here on the floor.. I can win this

OKC Lose!! The best way to make Westbrook shut up his mouth

no I didn't get the foul from Durant's last shot...
It's just an illusion, if you are a OKC fans you will see it but
if you'rent then its not.. simple as that

We got the Victory Miami Fans!!!! (ignored)

[ images are taken from  NBA.COM ] 

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