Russel Westbrook and his Annoying Big Mouth

Grawwgggghhhhh!!! they did not pass me the ball..
now Durant out scored me

Grwagghhhhhhhhh!!!! I sense the ball is coming,..
I better hog it

Grawwwhhhh!!!! who said my mouth is like a frog... its a Turtle... Turtle

Oyeahhhh!!!! I beat you Durant , I should take over your place

Grahhhhhh!!!! I scored over GaSol.. I scored over Gasollll!!!!

FACT: Even if he hides his mouth its still annoying

Kobe: hey, have you seen Westbrook?..
Fisher : no.. who's Westbrook?
Russel : hey guys I'm over here... you're ignoring me

all my team mates are mad at me... yean they're just jealous because
I'm too good for this team

Gwaarrrhhhhhhh!!!! I scored a point over Durant.. grwaggghh!!

no... this can't be.. I should not pass... Ball come back here

Nyahhh Nyahhh!!!! see Durant what I told you...
 you chokes.. I should have taken the last shot

[ images are taken from  NBA.COM ] 

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