Thunders Vs Miami - Game 1 - 2012 NBA FINALS

Ohhh... you want me to show you, why I'm the real MVP? 
I never missed a shot during the crucial.. that's our difference

Who said that I always travel? there's no Travel if you can float in the air

WTF!!! damn it, Bosh can you please don't appear just like that  ...
you scared me to death.. I thought there's Zombie Raptors at the back

ohh Bosh where are you going? you've been rejected by your team mates again? 

its time for me to shine... I'll do like what's westbrook's doing..
ignore the star player of the team

Hey buddy.. why don't you shoot the ball.. who needs the lebrons and wade,..
play like a star just like me

stay there Westbrook.. don't try to get the ball from me or even
shout for a pass

great  pass Sefolosha.. we completely removed Westbrook in the play

damn, that's why I'm not passing.. you're not tough as me

nice ass... ohh sorry I mean -- shoe.. nice shoe

please don't look at me like that... I feeling I'm going to get extinct with your eyes

OK who'd like to get the clutch shot? NO.. not on you again Haslem.. 
you are a choker and not so great as I am...

I'll give you a tip Durant... don't let us go to clutch decision ..
you know that's my mastered play

WTF!!.. my hands decomposing after touching your beard

I chocked again.. huhu... I'll never get my ring.. can you come with us in Miami?

Westbrooooooookkkkk!!! I said pass the damn ball
... you have 4 teammates on the floor

I know how to move you away... see my tongue .. I never had a toothbrush since the playoffs

oh boy.. how I wish I can kill this annoying guy

wait.. no one's around.. that means I can't pass... what's difference anyway..

see I told you just  to pass the ball to me instead to Durant

Aerial fight of the two ball hoggers

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