Chris Bosh Crazy Face

WTF!!! Lebron passed the ball again in a clutch time

owww I forgot that I supposed to have an injury..
I should act softer

( that's the last word of what's the camera man heard)

your planet is  mine.. bwhahaha.. 
now the Dinosaur will return to earth once more

why I'm still not playing!!! why???? graghhhH!!!!!

Foooddddddd!!!!! ( the last word of what the  kid heard while eating popcorn)

Gosh... my fingernails broke again.. 
 I'll gonna call Kobe to come along to get manicures

shoot the ball the Lebron.. don't pass it!!!

the making of Jurassic Park..

Coach Spo just thought Bosh how to be toughy

Noooooo... Dino are not extinct

Grahhhgggghhhh!!!! somebody took my purse

hey Garnettt... who's Christina now???
 you should call meCheery Bosh from now on..

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