Funny NBA2K13 New Player Control Moves

Kobe Bryant 

Special Moves

  • Make your teammates Invisible so you won't need to pass the ball
  • Force your Teammate to assist in any circumatances
  • Disable your teammates shooting buttons so they have no choice but to assist

Blake Griffin

Special Moves

  • Dunk anyone even against your teammate or anyone on its way
  • Dunk on FreeThrow litteraly 
  • Call the KIA Car on the court and Dunk off the hood, anyone the will get more scores when your KIA hit a player

Metta World Peace

Special Moves

  • Fatality  - summon a fire dragon that will breathe to death your enemy
  • Brutality - rip out someones heart and eat it while its beating
  • Friendship - give your Champ Ring and then give a sucker elbow

Lebron James

Special Moves

  • Make yourself Invisible in the 4th so you won't get blame from losing
  • Injure yourself in the 4th so you won't get responsibility for the clutch time
  • Get a Triple Double in exchange of losing the game

Justin Bieber

Special Moves

  • Use your face to catch the ball
  • Vomit on the court so you can stop the momentum
  • Dance with the cheer dancer and show you are prettier 

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  1. This is so beautiful I am crying my eyes out in happiness from the beauty. Carry on ma broda



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