2013 Coach Of The Year Ranking

It's too early to speculate but somehow the Coach of The year is quite visible as the Playoffs approaches. Currently the Heat are Leading the standing this makes the Coach of the year is predictable. But having the best record doesn't guarantee you for the Title.. Doc Rivers won the COY even Phil Jacson had a great W-L records. So far these are best coaches who made into the Ranks.

#6 Scott Brooks

He made to #6 because his team are just going going Up and Low with NO extra exceptional highlights.

#5 Mark Jackson

Maybe his  team is one of the most improved team this season

#4 Vinny Del Negro

#3 George Karl

#2 Gregg Popovich

#1 Erik Spoelstra

Why Erik Spoelstra is in #1? well check out their records. OK the trolls will say... "ohhh I CAN COACH THE HEAT AND DO MY JOB EASY!! BECAUSE THE HEAT HAVE TOO MUCH TALENTS" .. damn moron!, can you also Coach the Lakers with that the same idea??

Coach Spo in his own Harlem Shake Video

Coach Spo doesn't want Dwight Howard to be with the Heat

This is Exclusive Gameplay for Lebron

Will Lebron James Come Back To Cavaliers in 2014?

After 3years the Cavs want Lebron's back,.. remember those drama like rude shout out of their GM and burning his jersey in Cavs? Then now they want him back? Though the Cleveland is nearest Lebron's home town is not possible he'll come back maybe for another 10years before his retirement. So for the Cavs fans, cry for your lost and wait for the hope he'll be back once his ready to retire his jersey.

White boy .. maybe he's Lebron's lost son???

Kyrie Irving asking help with Lebron

yes.. just get out 7years or maybe sooner

 This Won't happen... 99% probablity

Derrick Rose 2013 Funny Clips

A lot of Chicago Fans since the pre-season are drastically waiting for their SuperStar returns. Derrick Rose, until now there's no sign of coming back this season or  maybe NO-CHANCE will ever be.. is still on medication and trying to recover his old self. 

2012-2013 Derrick Rose Milestone

Want to see the Biggest Career Highlights of Derrick Rose so far?

Kobe Misses Rose

Derrick Rose as "The Bench" Collector Item

The MVP Ball Boy

TOP Nasty Posterized Dunk That Can Kill (R.I.P Dunk)

Since Dunking  on a Player like a deadman is becoming a fad,.. I have taken some of the famous Posterized Dunks for the past NBA history. My basis on ranking them is the impact and difficulty of the Dunk by the Dunker, like if Guard Dunk over a Center.. the impact will be higher.

#1 Dwyane Wade Dunk Over Anderson Varejao
 - Wade is the #1 because look out how far Varejao gone after the impact? knowing Wade is 7inches smaller than Varejao..imagine that!

#2 Scottie Pippen Dunk Over Patrick Ewing
- Why this is just on #2 despite it's Patrick Ewing got Posterized? well because there's an extra push from Scottie Pippen and the height difference is not that high.

#3 Lebron James Dunk Over Jason Terry
 - This Dunk made a big shot all over the media, on top of that  Jason Terry has been announced dead in his Wiki. The dunk got a high Impact like a jet hit on a big mountain.. Looking at the landing impact,  Terry looks like dead after that Lebron's came to check if Terry passed out his soul

#4 DeAndre Jordan Dunk Over Brandon Knight
Before Lebron done it, this was famous and thought will be a Dunk of The Year but now they have another candidate for the DOY. What makes this look good is how Brandon Knight drop a like a dead bird and D.Jordan hit the ring like it will explode.

#6 Shawn Kemp Dunk Over Alton Lister
If you love classic Basketball.. this must be your favorite. Shawn Kemp done a Nasty Dunk on Lister making look he's gonna pass his retirement and quit basketball

#7 Vince Carter Dunk Over Alonzo Mourning
Personally, this is my pick for the #1 but considering the other candidate this went to #7. Imagine Vince Carter posterized Alonzo Mourning.. with no Extra contact? ZO's did drop quite far disantance because of the impact. What makes this look good,?Vince Carter went back after the dunk like there's nothing happened... it's like.... "Ohh! it Zo again?.. ok I'm done."

#8 Dominique Wilkins Dunk Over Larry Bird

#9 JR Smith Dunk Over Gary Neal

#10 Javale McGee Dunk Over Jose Calderon

Special Mention..

Funny Shaq O'Neal Over Chris Dudley

The Dunk of Century or
The BEST Dunk Ever in The History Of Basketball


Denver Nuggets 13th Winning Streak Funny Clips

Denver Nuggets are on their way to get their winning streak history record. In their 13th wins by beating the Oklohama they are now a legit contender for the PlayOffs. Can they maintain the streak like the Heat currently dominating on? With Javale McGee nothing is impossible., I guess.

13th win means... It's time to Harlem Shake~!

Javale McGee Non-Stupid Pose 

Javale McGee reaction on Heat's Winning Streak

Faried on RIP Dunk

Javale McGee Prediction

The Undertakers

LeBron James Alley Oops Dunk on Jason Terry

Another Dunk of the Year candidate for this year, last week we've seen DeAndre Jordan taking down Brandon Knight to 7ft below the ground.. Now it's Lebron James Killer Dunk on the Flying JET Jason Terry.

Check out How this JET fighter crash down like a tora-tora.

Public Advisory.. Life is Too Short

Hollywood will make a Movie about this.. the Black Hawk down sequel

Metta World Peace is enthrall with the Dunks

Shang Tsung appeares and for-takes Jason Terry Soul

Death Note enlisted Jason Terry And Brandon Knight

Brandon Knight gave a buddy hug on Jason Terry

La Lakers On No Kobe Funny Clips

Looks like the Lakers are winning without Kobe.. did some one say before that the Lakers problem was their Team Chemistry. Guess their right, looks like their winning now with their good Team Chemistry.

Mike D' Antoni maybe right 

Dwight Howard knows the Fake and Real injury

How To Sell a Flop Injury

How Soft is Pau Gasoft?

Team Chemistry No More A Problem

Kobe's Not Around

Practicing without the Ball

Mike D' Antoni Unique Game Play

Miami Heat's Winning Streak Funny Clips

It's Real, they have conquered the League with their Winning Streak.. now the problem how they going to maintain.. while the other team struggle to get a Win

It's History 

Lucky for Carmelo Anthony He's not there in that Dunk

Who said Dino can't Climb?

Coach Spo doesn't want Dwight Howard to be with the Heat

It's Not what You're Thinking

Chris Bosh was so Damn Happy with the streak

It's in NBA Rules that you can only have 30++ Seconds Harlem Shake
If you're on a 20++ Winning Streak

Harlem Shake or just the Super Mario Bros World


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