2013 NBA Individual Awards Predictions (MVP, ROY, 6MOY, DOY, MIP, COY)

Here are my prediction for the NBA 2013 individual awards. Of course most of them are pretty much obvious and some other are debatable. The only part I guarantee is for the MVP and ROY, for the rest it can be changed depends how the times goes play in.

Most Valuable Player (MVP)

Lebron James

Kevin Durant
Kobe Bryant
Chris Paul

Rookie of The Year (ROY)

Damian Lillard

Bradley Beal
Andre Drummond
Anthony Davis

6th Man of The Year (6MOY)

J.R. Smith

Vince Carter
Jamal Crawford
Gordon Hayward

Defensive Player of The Year (DPOY)

Tim Duncan

Serge Ibaka
Lebron James
Larry Sanders

Most Improved Player (MIP)

Greivies Vasquez

Larry Sanders
Jeff Green
Nate Robinson

Coach Of the Year (COY)

Erik Spoelstra

George Karl
Gregg Popovich
Mark Jackson

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