NBA 2013 Most Hated Player

Here are the list most HATED players in NBA for 2013 season. What's their qualification to make it on the Hate List? based from the fans of haters.. they hate the guy because they're too GOOD that they can't find something to bash. Some of them are not really GOOD but trying to be AWESOME that making them looks PATHETIC. There are also some knuckle heads who done anything good but to provoke the fans to hate them.

Kevin Durant

WHY - he's too good and sometime can't missed the shot making the opposing team fans hate him so much. He also trying hard to out-rank some great players like Lebron and Kobe making him looks fame seeker geek.

Metta World Peace

WHY - he's annoying and too brutal..

Demarcus Cousins

WHY - he looks a knuckle head and immature in most time

Blake Griffin

WHY - he's good at dunk and over-hyped by the media. He's dunk are great but nothing if you're talking about GREATEST DUNK

Russell Westbrook

WHY - being stupid and immature in some instance in their game specially in interviews. His fashion style making him look trying hard to be cool. He's trying to out-shine Durant in some game making him look more like loser

Dwyane Wade

WHY - he flops more and complain a lot. He's too good when he's hot specially when he run with Lebron.

Kris Humphries

WHY - ??? I don't also.. but a lot of people hate him, as a player and personal

Dwight Howard

WHY - His jokes and clowning are NOT FUNNY, he's trying hard comedian and trying to out-shine Shaq's career. He's a drama queen and complains a lot. He's too good as a center and sometime unstoppable in the rim.

Kobe Bryant

WHY - because he's Kobe Bryant

Lebron James

WHY - maybe the BEST player of this era... whoever the best will have a lot of haters.. and the list will go so-on and so-on to find something to hate this guy

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