NBA THROWBACK : Young Lebron James In High School

Lebron and his Baby Hairline

Who said Lebron can't win without Bosh and Wade?

the face that never changed

I never copy Michael Jordan....

We know he's really good at basketball even in Football

Jersey #23... he never been a Michael Jordan Fan

Lebron: Hey ref your hairline sucks!!!
Ref : Don't worry yours will be even worse

You know I'm destined to be the Greatest?
better quit basketball and go to College white boy

Should I pass??? nah.. I'm the greatest, even I don't pass
I'll be look Awesome

Hey Camera guy, don't focus my forehead.. take my sideview

I'm Going to NBA... see you teammates,.. 
I know none of you won't make it

Is Lebron Overrated? 
The question never answered 

shut up and give us your pants

I'll be the greatest and you all will be nobody

This is for NBA Career

so innocent like he doesn't know how to Flop 

See I told you shouldn't go to College like me

After Years : the Irish Reunion

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