Chris Paul

No, I'm not  that weird looking guy from Ewoks...

helloooo.... I'm invading your planet.. take me to your leader!

I'm not doing a crossover .. its my new drunk  style  move

Ohhh please.. don't make me dance like this .. stop it

So you wanna come with me in Mavs and lets have a champ

Paul : Did you fart? 
Lebron : NO I thought it was you?

Mama!!! I did it again..!

Kobe : Ohhh my gosh!!!!... its Chris Paul... I can't believe its him

Ewww!! that's disgusting move

Parker : so that's how you do French Kiss.. just take my advise..
Paul : thanks pal.. now I know...

Hornets.... Chaaarrrrrrrrggeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get this wallpaper and post it in your PC.. Chris Paul taking poo

please don't call my name.. please... please...

hey hottie... you wan't to get my number too? 

Paul : How does it feel to get a 2x MVP troophy?
Nash : tsk..tsk.. newbie... 

Do I look fine in this jersey?

AHHhhhhhh!... mom and dad forgot me at home again...! 
I'm Home Alone!!!

Lets see... if I throw this ball with a centripetal force , 
the altitude of the terrain is equilibrium distance x2-ya=+0101 %4!

Hi guys I'm Paul.. I'm the new guy..

Paul : you mean I'm your brother because I'm a nigga
West : yes yaw right nigga

I'm fainting... too much score we need to catch

that's funny... Barney is not a real Dinosaur...

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