Paul Pierce Funny Photos

Pierce: ohhh this is so awful lost... even their bench are getting their triple-double,
if they let their coach play, he'll get career high ..

See the wings? it goes real when I'm in the mood

So do you 3 hangout in one bed?....
Garnet, Allen , Pierce : ahhhhhh......?????

I think he's dead? he freeze like a dead dried cat

yiieeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh!!!! this is how I'm happy... 
I love singing those annoying song

anyone wanna buy jersey.. its a collection item...

is it time to show my cape... shiit .. I know I forgot something

Hey kids don't take lollipop or else you'll be like me

yesss.... finally I can take a bath

wanna piece of me.. show me your stuff, come on.. 
I run faster than you...

take it slow like smooottthhhh... you know what I mean..
like you're high with drugs and fly like me...

come on... don't let me turn to GREEN...
I don't like myself when I'm angry... GRRrrrr!!!

I voted  Obama because he has GREEN color,
I'm from Boston and we are GREEN...

KOBE: ... don't stop hugging me... keep it up..

Pierce : hey Kobe.. I know what you're aiming for..
Kobe: ohhh No you don't...

...this is Lachoke slap... take that

Monkey Swing Dunk!!!

Run Pierce Run!!... Run!!!

oohhh ... ohhh.. I know who's idiot!!! its me.. its meee!!!

what ???? you didn't wash your hand when you poo?
so that's why I have tasted something weird in your hand

Hey Lebron.. sorry this trophy is only good for one..
hope I can give you some...

wait... I can feel something weird.. I smell something....
its smell ... stinks... someone farted...

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